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Audio-Technica AT9947CM - Míc gắn Camera DSLR



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Audio-Technica AT9947CM DSLR Stereo XY Microphone




The AT9947CM features a tight pick up area for incredible sound isolation and clear audio recording with DSLR cameras.


  • Compact size monaural shotgun microphone

  • Extremely narrow polar pattern for focused recording

  • Low-cut function (PAT.) reduces unwanted wind or vibration noise

  • Newly developed shock-mount minimizes sound from lens movement or handling noise

  • Plug-in power supply for easy usage

  • Accessories include: Wind-muff attachment to reduce wind noise, hot shoe mount

  • For use with DSLR






Element Stereo Electret Condenser Polar Pattern MS stereo system microphone
Frequency Response 100 ~ 12,000Hz
Sensitivity -30dB (0dB = 1V/1Pa, 1kHz)
Impedence 1.0k Ω
Plug-in power dimensions 55mm H x 45mm W x 112mm D (Not including shockmount)
Weight 60g
Connector 3.5mm L-Type gold plated stereo mini jack
Cable 0.3m